Fund a Future

This year, over 5,000 children will be homeless in Indianapolis.

During our fall 2016 Fund a Future campaign, your business can have direct impact on one of these children. Companies and individuals who support School on Wheels and the Fund a Future campaign with a gift of $1,000 will be featured in a full page Indianapolis Business Journal ad.

Your $1,000 tax-deductible contribution helps us provide academic intervention services and transform the lives of other students just like Ben.

Last school year was hard for Ben. His grades started off strong, but quickly declined due to problems in his personal life and challenging new subject matter. His School on Wheels Program Coordinator was quick to intervene and started meeting with Ben’s mom, Molly, weekly to monitor Ben’s progress.

She helped Molly set up a parent-teacher conference, coached Molly to develop the right questions for Ben’s teacher and even transported Molly to the meeting.

Ben’s teacher provided helpful materials to work on with Ben, and as a result of both his School on Wheels tutors and his mom focusing on these resources, his grades improved and Ben passed the second grade! This year, Ben will be attending a new school that better fits his needs and he is really looking forward to third grade!

Donate to the Fund a Future campaign today or download the donation form to learn more.