Help Spread the Word about #SharetheLoveIndy 2018

Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser is easy! Click on the picture below for a video with step-by-step instructions. If you need help telling your story, we have some sample language for you at the bottom of this page. If you aren’t on Facebook, but still want to create a fundraiser for School on Wheels, you can use this language in an email, LinkedIn or on any other platform you want to use to fundraise. Just remember to send people to to give if you aren’t using Facebook.


Here is some sample language you can adapt for your fundraiser:

General Fundraiser: 

School on Wheels is a fantastic non-profit organization that I have the privilege of being part of as a (choose your role — tutor, board member, staff member, donor). We are raising money to provide tutoring and educational advocacy for school aged children impacted by homelessness. Did you know that there are over 5,000 children impacted by homelessness each year in Indianapolis? Just $100 provides a full month of tutoring for one child. My goal is to raise $X to provide a month of tutoring for X School on Wheels students.

Friends and Family, please help me #SharetheLoveIndy this February by donating to this fantastic organization that I’ve personally seen do amazing work! Donations of all sizes ($5, $10, etc) are greatly appreciated — every donation adds up to have a huge impact! Thank you for your support. Together we can make a difference.

Birthday or Milestone Fundraiser:

School on Wheels is a fantastic non-profit organization that I have the privilege of being part of as a (choose your role — tutor, board member, staff member, donor).

Did you know there are 5,000 children across Indianapolis who experience homelessness every year? It’s a heartbreaking fact, but School on Wheels is making an impact on the lives of these children every single day. School on Wheels’ vision is to equip children impacted by homelessness with the educational tools necessary to break the cycle of homeless. They work with the whole family to help them overcome obstacles to a child’s education.

I have everything I need and more. In lieu of gifts for (insert milestone), I’m asking you to join me in supporting this organization and cause I am so passionate about. My goal is to raise $X – and for every $100 we raise, one more child impacted by homelessness will receive a month of tutoring. With your help, I can do it. When you give to School on Wheels, you are giving the tools to help a child escape the cycle of poverty. I’m asking you to help me make my (insert milestone) mean more this year by joining me in changing the lives of five children this year by raising $X by Feb 28.

I’ll have this campaign running from February 1 to February 28, and so we’ll hit my goal if together we raise just $XX a day. Thank for helping me reach my goal!

Looking for some additional help to #SharetheLoveIndy? Learn how to break down your fundraising into more manageable amounts, check out our tips for success, and coming soon, use our Facebook frame to spread awareness!

Need help crafting a message just for your special campaign? Contact Claire Brosman, or 317.202.9100, for more help.

Thanks for helping us advocate and raise money for the children in Indianapolis who need it most!