Celebrating 15 Years

Over the past 15 years, School on Wheels has helped children experiencing homelessness succeed academically. Each day we work with these children, their parents and teachers to break the cycle of homelessness through education. Thanks to our tutors, sponsors, advocates and community partners, we’ve made great strides in making a meaningful difference in the lives of our city’s most vulnerable children since we first began tutoring in 2001.

15 year infographic

Throughout our anniversary year, we’ll be celebrating our milestone by sharing stories about those we serve and the community of people who help make it possible. We want to make sure you are part of the conversation. Make sure you don’t miss a thing by signing up for Chalk Talk, our monthly email newsletter, and following us on social media! Make sure to find us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn. And be sure to check out all the resources on our site for getting more deeply involved or becoming an advocate for those we serve!