Web of Support
Ignite Learning is a program dedicated to working with the parents of School on Wheels students. School on Wheels staff members work with parents throughout the year, holding weekly office hours to talk about the academic needs of their children, connecting students’ teachers to parents and conducting workshops to strengthen parents’ understanding of how to navigate the educational system. During the 2014-2015 school year, School on Wheels provided office hours and workshops to 219 parents of the homeless children in our programs.The primary goal of Ignite Learning is to actively engage parents in their child’s education, increasing the possibility that School on Wheels students break the cycle of homelessness and achieve academic success.

Ignite Learning works in tandem with Tutors in Action to build a web of support for the homeless students and families we serve. By partnering with shelters, schools and other service organizations in Indianapolis and connecting people to their services, School on Wheels not only enhances existing programs but provides unique and necessary support to the community.