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Academic Topics

Reading Comprehension in Action


Watch a student and tutor working together to see reading comprehension strategies in action.

Reading Comprehension Strategies


Learn different ways to engage students while reading to increase comprehension.

Mental Math Addition Tricks


Learn the mathematics behind adding two-digit numbers, and tips to help your students (and you!) add more quickly.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions:
Common Denominators


Review how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators to help your students with their homework.

Tips for Working with Students

How to Give Meaningful Praise


Get tips from one of our students on how to give praise that is meaningful and helps kids become self-motivated learners.

Tips for Tutoring


Find out tips to address some of the most common issues during tutoring from the experts themselves – our own tutors.

Working with High Energy Kids:
The Difference Between ADD & ADHD


Learn the answer to one of the top questions we receive about ADD and ADHD: What’s the difference between the two?

Working with High Energy Kids:
Relating to High Energy Students


Learn new ways to relate to high energy students.

Working with High Energy Kids:
Setting up the Tutoring Hour


Learn tips on how to best set-up the tutoring hour for students with high energy.

Tutor Toolkit Tips




Crazy Eights






Roll a Word



Superhero Synonyms and Antonyms


Game of Six Cards



Go Fish


Oh Snap



Hungry Hungry Alligator





Simplifying Fractions


Integer Games



Workshop and Event Recordings

Learning and the Brain:
How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Attention


This is a recording of our October 2015 Tutor Workshop presented by Lori Desautels, PhD. Lori presents strategies that help tutors, teachers and others work on engagement, learning and relationships with our students.

Chalk the Vote: How Your Vote Impacts Education

This is a recording of our October 2016 Education Panel that engaged a panel of experts to look at how each person’s vote can impact education policy.