National Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 21 – 27th, 2013

As we approach National Volunteer Appreciation Week, I am reminded of the many magical moments I have experienced during the tutoring hour.  Experiences that one tutor recently described as, “little moments that add up to a very big, rewarding experience.”  At first, I only thought of those moments as the impact our kids have on our tutors.  But upon reflection, I realized that this expression means so much more.

A ‘little moment’ is when a child describes what they love about school and you listen and encourage their participation in the story.  It is the instance when a child is having a hard time understanding a math problem and you explain how you as a child often had a hard time with math, too.  It is the questions you ask that make a child feel truly heard.  It is the smile that stretches from ear to ear on a child’s face just because you walk through the door again.

For our kids, these are the little moments.  Thank you for creating these life changing experiences in our students’ lives.

Laura Alvarado, Director of Programs, School on Wheels

P.S. Keep your ears peeled for some little voices with powerful messages next week.  Their messages are short but oh so sweet!