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The summer iPad program at Barton Center was a huge success! Our students loved working on the iPads, and our tutors loved the program too!  Here are some thoughts and reflections on the program by our tutors and parents, along with some photos taken by our students:

amazon john

All children should be given the opportunity to work with technology, no matter their background, home life, or socioeconomic status because all children deserve to be given equal learning experiences. School on Wheels provides this opportunity for children that otherwise may not be given these resources. It is a wonderful way to teach ownership and responsibility while learning and having some fun too.  I’m very grateful for the generous donations that have supported the purchasing of one iPad per student for the summer and equally grateful to School on Wheels for opening the doors for these phenomenal children. And what I truly am most grateful for is the incredible experience, memories, and relationships I have gained throughout my School on Wheels journey.

– Wesley Warren, SEAT program tutor

During the summer program, the kids got better at reading, learned a lot about animals and made some awesome art.  Jason has become calmer and more respectful and I am using the ticket system to get the kids to do chores.  They loved this program and had so much fun here.  The best summer program they’ve been to.

– Jillian, Barton Center parent


I loved using the iPads and was amazed at how the kids knew what to do. They all loved taking pictures for the bingo board!  The art program was fabulous. I love the Apeels and hope that they and School on Wheels continue their partnership. I thanked Holly last evening for helping me to bring out my inner artist. I feel kind of bad that I probably had as much (if not more) fun than the kids did with the art.

– Melissa Seibert, SEAT program tutor

I think the summer program was a great experience for both the students and me.  Using the iPads helped us all gain knowledge and experience with them.  Working with Talia was awesome…she was always such a big ball of energy, made me laugh, and definitely made the end of my day brighter!  Some days were harder than others in keeping her focused; but she learned and made progress from using the iPad and Ticket to Read, and she was always so excited to show me her “toys” that she made with the program.  She loved the art program with Dave and Holly!  My favorite art project that I worked on with her was the superhero toy that she made – a British superhero (from Britain of course) with wings.

– Tricia SanNicholas, SEAT program tutor


I thought the summer SEAT program was awesome. The kids, the tutors and the parents all seemed to really enjoy the program.  The kids got such a kick out of using the iPads that they didn’t even realized they were learning. The tutors were so great working with the students on the new iPad programs, which was different then tutoring during the school year.  The “Club House” theme coupled with the ticket incentive program worked great.  The students understood the expectations, rose to the occasion and behaved well!  Both Amazon John’s animals and the art enrichment programs were great.  I thought  it was nice how that the parents and families could enjoy the animal program on Mondays.  Overall I thought it was well organized and engaged the students throughout the entire program.  You know it’s a success when the kids don’t want it to end. Let’s do it again next year!

– Ieva Grundy, Salvation Army Barton Center Program Coordinator

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