The week of September 23rd-27th officially marked our first Science at Tutoring Week!  During that week, three DOW Agroscience Ambassadors volunteered their time and worked with our students and tutors to perform hands-on activities related to DNA and chemistry.

The activities:

Phenotype station  Phenotype bracelets

Phenotype bracelets: Students learned about phenotypes – physical traits – and created a bracelet using colored beads as code for different characteristics, including hair color, eye color, and gender.  Afterward, students and tutors were able to compare their bracelets to find out what characteristics they had in common!

DNA extraction

DNA extraction from strawberries: The DOW volunteers taught our kids about DNA and how it is found in every living thing.   Students were able to extract DNA from strawberries by following a series of steps and were then able to observe what DNA looks like to the naked eye. They even got to take their DNA home with them!

Liquid snow  Liquid snow

Instant snow: Students learned about chemistry and polymers, large molecules made up of smaller repeating units called monomers.  They added water to an instant snow polymer and watched as the powder transformed into “snow.”

Our students LOVED the opportunity to perform hands-on science experiments.  Throughout the week, we heard kids say things like, “Science is awesome!”  “I didn’t know science could be so cool!” “Can you come back again?”

The best way to explain how our kids felt about the experience, however, is to let them tell you themselves.  Check out some of the letters our students wrote to the DOW volunteers:

Thank you again, DOW Agrosciences, for partnering with us to provide science to our kids at tutoring, and a special thank you to the Ambassadors who volunteered their time with our kids!

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