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Our volunteers and donors have been so wonderful about sharing their favorite School on Wheels stories as part of our Share the Love campaign that we wanted to make sure to share a few stories of our own. School on Wheels Program Coordinators at each partner site have the advantage of interacting with our tutors and students up to four times a week. Their experiences always provide great insight about what makes our programming so useful and unique for our students. Here are just a few of those stories that help sum up those amazing things our Program Coordinators encounter every day:

Recently, two of our Ice Miller tutors stayed 45 minutes late to make sure one of our new students completed her homework. It was a challenging English assignment to write a poem, but the tutors would not give up nor did they let the student give up either.
– Ieva Grundy, Salvation Army Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center & Salvation Army Barton Center Program Coordinator

Amber, a 4th grade student, was struggling with fractions so her mom brought in a math assignment on fractions that she was struggling with.  Her mom said she did not remember how to do the work, and asked if we could help Amber.  Amber’s tutor spent the entire hour reviewing each problem with her and teaching the material she simply did not understand.  The one-on-one tutoring for 60 minutes was all Amber needed to fully understand and catch up to the material being taught in class.  Amber’s mom was very thankful, and Amber had the confidence she needed for the next day of math!
– Autumn Hays, Julian Center Program Coordinator 

We had a couple of new kids enter tutoring this week. One was in kindergarten and one was in 2nd grade. The kindergartener was crying when she entered and seemed really scared because they had just gotten to the emergency shelter and were being bombarded with all this new information and all these new rules. The kindergartener kept saying she didn’t want to stay, but her mom left after we did paperwork. By the time she came back the little girl ran up to her smiling saying, ‘My tutor was really nice!’
– Erin, Dayspring Center Program Coordinator

At School on Wheels, we love stories. While the hard and fast stats on our students’ academic successes fill us with happiness, we can’t deny that stories about our children impact us a little more profoundly. It’s always heartwarming to know more about those students who are benefitting from the amazing efforts of School on Wheels’ volunteers, donors and staff throughout the year. Thanks to each of you for making these stories possible.