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Back to school is an exciting, yet scary time for lots of children. Maybe you remember the anticipation that surrounded going back to school? If you were anything like me, in addition to wondering about your classes, teachers and potential new friends, you’d spend hours making sure to find the right clothing, the right backpack and even the right notebooks that would help you fit in. Well, things haven’t changed and that anticipation still abounds for children going back to school. But consider how that anticipation can turn to dread when a child doesn’t have the resources to get new uniforms that fit, a functioning backpack or even the right supplies.

Spokes: A School on Wheels Outreach CommunityThat’s where School on Wheels’ young professional’s committee SPOKES steps in. This fall they’ve arranged the #FallForSOW drive that pits corporation against corporation in the spirit of helping the children in our city who need it the most. SPOKES has recruited a number of Indianapolis businesses who will be rallying their employees to purchase backpacks and gift cards that will support the purchase of uniforms and school supplies for School on Wheels students. This drive will run from August 1 to September 30, 2014. Over the course of these two months, participating corporations will be posting their progress on Twitter and Facebook. The company that collects the most supplies for our students wins! But more than prizes and awards, every organization that participates is making a huge impact on the lives of the children we serve.

We already have a number of great companies on board for our drive, #FallForSOW including:

Please be sure to follow and support these companies on social media, as well as School on Wheels on Facebook and twitter so you can watch as the donations pour in!

If you work for an Indianapolis business and would like to participate in this drive, contact Claire Brosman at School on Wheels, claire@indysow.org or 317.202.9100.