School on Wheels is proud to announce that on October 1st we accepted the 2014 Serve Indiana Award for Excellence in Volunteer programs at the IUPUI Campus Center. Serve Indiana is a state office that exists to advance service and volunteerism by informing, connecting, and promoting opportunities and resources that enrich the lives of Hoosiers. We are very lucky to have such dedicated volunteers that work to enrich the lives of the homeless children and families we serve each week. We were honored to have been nominated by volunteer Leon Golden, a three-year veteran tutor at Salvation Army Barton Center, who exemplifies the commitment and passion we seek from the Hoosiers who help us meet our mission each year. Thank you, Leon!

2014 Awardees

2014 Serve Indiana Award Winners

Currently in my third year as an Indy School on Wheels tutor, I’m excited that this organization has won the Serve Indiana Award for Excellence in Volunteer Programs. I was pleased to offer my nomination because of the great work that School on Wheels does with children in our community impacted by homelessness. This award will no doubt further School on Wheels’ mission and make a real difference in the lives of these precious children and their parents.

The importance of education and its role in providing students with the tools to realize their dreams is something dear to my heart; particularly, children faced with multiple challenges fighting an uphill battle. These children need people who will advocate on their behalf, and even more than that, people who will be there to provide help on homework, mentorship, and serve as a source of stability in their oftentimes turbulent lives. Indy School on Wheels is an organization that does an exemplary job of meeting many of these children’s needs.

While the challenges I’ve faced in my own life have not been of the magnitude that many of these children have faced, I do relate to many of them on some level. The role played by many of the adult figures in my life that helped me to succeed, is now a role that I have the opportunity to play in a child’s life.I’ve been thrilled to see School on Wheels extend their programs to IPS schools, with plans to add additional programs in the future.

2014 School on Wheels Staff

School on Wheels staff members and Leon!

I’m thrilled to be a School on Wheels volunteer and I’m proud to be associated with such a great organization!

– Leon Golden, School on Wheels Tutor

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