Over the last two months, we’ve had some very special visitors to each of our tutoring locations – science ambassadors from Dow AgroSciences! This is the third semester that they’ve visited our students during tutoring, bringing fun and engaging hands-on experiments that get our kids excited about science.

In the past, the Dow AgroSciences Science Ambassadors have guided our students through experiments focused on anything from extracting DNA from strawberries (check out more about that experiment here) to creating their very own silly putty. This semester, however, the scientists focused on a brand new topic – agriculture.

The activities:


Terrariums: After going over the basics of how plants grow, students created their very own terrariums out of 2-liter bottles. The Dow scientists brought sprouted seeds from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables (even cantaloupe) for students to plant in their terrariums after they added the necessary draining material and soil for the plants to grow.


Leaf rubbing: Students created their very own leaf rubbings to take home with them using leaves and crayons.


Seed investigation: Students used a magnifying glass to take a closer look at seeds that had been cut in half. Using a diagram, they identified each of the parts of the seed.


Colored flowers: Students observed how adding food coloring to water affected the color of carnations throughout the tutoring hour.

Our students truly loved having the Dow scientists come to visit during tutoring this fall. It’s definitely the highlight of the tutoring semester for many of our kids, which comes across in these thank you letters written to the Dow scientists – check them out:

Dow AgroSciences has been a fantastic supporter of our students in so many ways. We even have a long-time tutor (over four years!) who works as a biochemist at Dow and helps with science nights every year – Audrey Etter. It’s fantastic to have a partner like Dow that is involved in our program on so many levels.

Thank you so much for your time spent teaching our kids about science during these tutoring sessions, and for all of the support you give us throughout the year!

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