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Why Can't Jimmy Sit Still?Back in October, we held a Tutor Conversation: Tips for Working with High Energy Children, led by School on Wheels tutor Sandra Tunis (check out some of the top tips we learned from the conversation here). Since then, our program team has been hard at work creating a three-video series that addresses the most frequently asked questions we receive from tutors about working with students with high energy or ADHD.

Below is the first of the videos in our new series, Tips for Working with High Energy Children. In this video, we answer the popular question: What is the difference between ADD & ADHD? Watch to find out the answer!

Sources for this video include articles about ADD and ADHD from Healthline.com and the National Center for Learning Diabilities.

Stay tuned for the next videos in the series:
Part 2: How to relate to students with high energy
Part 3: How to best set up the tutoring hour for students with high energy

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