School on Wheels students accomplish so many things each school year that it’s sometimes difficult to quantify. We serve children from nearly 70 different schools throughout Indianapolis each school year, and each school tracks successes and grades slightly differently.  It takes a long time to review all student grades and evaluate them to ensure our children are meeting the academic achievement goals we set forth for them. And we’re so happy to report that they are consistently meeting those goals each year.

Annual Report 2013-14Thanks to a partnership with United Way’s Bridges to Success program, we are more easily able to collect grade data for students in our program and share that information with you in our annual report. The 2013/2014 annual report can now be found online. It’s full of great results that demonstrate the tremendous impact that our supporters and volunteers help us accomplish each year in breaking the cycle of homelessness through education.

The annual report is just a snapshot of our overall success, but doesn’t shed light on the individuals stories of the children we serve. We are filled to the brim with stories about each of the unique children in School on Wheels programs and their individual accomplishments.

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Thank you to all of our supporters and volunteers who make our programs possible!