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Last month, we held our Annual Fundraiser – the Education Celebration, which was a resounding success. One focus area over the last few years has been integrating art curriculum into tutoring, and this year at the event we wanted to show that side of our program to attendees. To make this possible, our event planning team approached Kris, our Program Assistant and MartH Program Coordinator, and asked her to put together a group project that involved the kids at each of our partner locations. Below, Kris shares a little bit about the experience of creating the group piece:

Original Art created by MartH students

Our event planning team approached me to do a project with our kids for the Education Celebration similar to a math and art project I had done in our MartH program. The MartH project was based off of the work of Piet Mondrian, whose work includes many paintings that feature right angles and primary colors. During MartH, the students created right, acute and obtuse angles on a canvas using tape, and painted the exposed areas with primary colors (learn more about the original project here and check out the example above!). Our entire staff loved what the kids created so much, that they wanted to create a larger piece to be featured at the Education Celebration based on the same concept.

The project we created for the kids to complete during tutoring was similar to the original MartH project, but instead of each student creating their own piece, the kids at each location worked together to complete one canvas. We purchased fifteen canvases to represent our fifteen programs (including both STAR programs and the MartH program). All fifteen canvases were laid out in a grid pattern and I taped off quadrants on each canvas so that they created one overall piece, but could also work as individual pieces of art.

Members of our program team took the canvases to each site and worked with each student to complete one quadrant of the canvas. The students each chose a color, painted their quadrant, then created designs on their canvas while the paint was still wet. The kids were excited to paint and make their ‘mark’ on the canvases. There was so much creativity in what the kids created – designs ranged from a cobra by a 1st grader to a famous quote by a 12th grader. It was so cool to see all the various designs and energy put into each canvas. Each site came back with something unique and different, but once we pulled the tape off and put all fifteen canvasses together, it created something even more special – a complete work of art created by all our students.

The completed work of art

The completed work of art was a hit at the Education Celebration. A huge thank you to Kris and all of our students for making this unique work of art possible!

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