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Volunteer Coordinator Samantha Breeling oversees School on Wheels’ nearly 400 volunteers, including performing background checks, interviews, training and placement. This ensures that volunteers are fully prepared to meet the needs of the children we serve and that School on Wheels students get to work with some of the best volunteers in Indianapolis. Today we’ve asked Samantha to highlight one of our many exemplary volunteers. 

Each and every one of our tutors brings a unique way of interacting with and motivating our students. I often learn my best tutoring tips/tricks from observing them in action. I chose to highlight Alex Kassenbrock for this Tutor Spotlight because he has such a natural demeanor when it comes to working with our kids. He has a way of getting even the quietest of students to open up, which we all know can be challenging!


Alex began tutoring for our program in August of 2014. Although he is relatively new, he has fully embraced our mission and is an extremely dedicated volunteer. Not only does he do a great job with our kids but was a huge help this year to our staff member Cindy, who is the Program Coordinator at Alex’s tutoring location. He takes the extra time to stay after to help clean up the tutoring room and waits to walk out with other tutors and staff. This is what Cindy had to say about having Alex as a tutor:

“Alex is a great tutor because he is completely at ease around the kids and treats them as he would any other kid. He jokes with them and has an easy laugh. Alex expects them to do their best and so that’s what they try to do when they are with him.”

A huge thank you to Alex for his dedication and compassion for our kids!

Inspired by Alex’s story to become a tutor? We will start training tutors for the Fall 2015 school semester in July. Apply today!