Thanks to all of our volunteers and donors who participated in Share the Love in February, the kids in our programs recently celebrated with an end of school year pizza party. We set a goal of raising $10,000 for this campaign, but our amazingly generous volunteers and donors raised $12,462! Those funds were doubled by a matching gift from The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate, making the total impact of this campaign $24,924.

Not only do the kids and families we serve directly benefit from the funds and awareness this campaign raised, but the end of year pizza party was a direct result of meeting and exceeding Share the Love milestones, and the kids couldn’t have been more excited! One of the students in our STAR lunchtime tutoring program at IPS #54 said, “We get a surprise snack AND we get to play Bingo? This is the best day of tutoring ever!!”

Pizza Party!Pizza parties are always an exciting occasion, but our kids were particularly excited about this special treat. For weeks leading up to the pizza parties, our Program Coordinators at each site were fielding questions from the kids about what types of pizza they would be having and what activities they would be doing. When the day of the pizza parties finally arrived, the kids couldn’t have been more excited. Even though many of the kids were sad to discover it was the last week for tutoring, they were so pleased to eat pizza and play bingo with some of their favorite people – their School on Wheels tutors. The kids were even able to go home with some books to read over the summer, thanks to a book grant from First Book, and some art supplies as well!

The parties were a huge success and just another example of how incredible each of School on Wheels’ partners, supporters and volunteers are. Each of our 13 partner sites had to make special accommodations for these parties – working around dinner time and other restrictions. First Book helped us acquire hundreds of new books that our kids are clamoring to read. Even HotBox Pizza helped offset some of the pizza costs. And hundreds of volunteers and donors took the initiative to make our Share the Love campaign a huge success so that we could celebrate with the kids.

Everything we do takes an entire community to accomplish. We are so honored that so many amazing people are part of our community. Thank you for helping us meet and exceed our goals and for making this very special reward for our kids possible. The kids loved wrapping up a year of tutoring with pizza and some of their favorite people – School on Wheels tutors!

Tutoring may have just ended, but we are already planning for next year! Do you want to get involved? Apply to tutor today!