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When school lets out for the summer, our hope is to keep neurons firing and the kids engaged in something creative. For the second summer in a row, we were able to supply our kids with art kits at the end of the tutoring year. Kits included art supplies such as drawing pencils, watercolors, oil pastel sticks, sketchbooks and clay. Also included in the kit were mini ‘scratch art’ note pads. ‘Scratch art’ paper is coated with black ink that reveals a multicolored design when scratched with a stylus. This was a hit with the kids, and we think you’ll love it too!

Try these ‘scratch art’ activities with your favorite kids this summer to keep summer learning loss at bay:

Paper can be found at craft stores, as well as Walmart and Target.

1. Doodle
Use your stylus to scratch out different types of lines and shapes. Let your mind wander and see what designs come out of your subconscious.  You may be surprised at what emerges.


2. Make mandalas
Trace a round object like a lid with the stylus. Freehand a small circle in the center of the larger circle. Make symmetrical linear designs around the center moving outward until you reach the outer circle.

3. Word game
Scratch out the letters of the alphabet and cut into squares. Randomly arrange 16 of the letters face down. Flip the letters up and see how many words you can make in 1 minute (making sure the letters connect in some way-horizontally, vertically and diagonally.)

Hope your activities are a scratching success!