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Summer is almost over! Can you believe it? Students at IPS and many of the townships go back to school on Monday! It seems too soon!

For the students we serve, going back to school means that the start of tutoring is just around the corner – the week of August 24 for after school tutoring and the week of September 1 for lunchtime programs! To celebrate (and to get everyone back in the swing of working with kids after a summer off), here are two of the most recent videos in our Tips for Working with High Energy Children series. 

In the first video, we talk about ways to relate to students with high energy. In the second video, we address ways to best set up the tutoring hour for high energy students – although tips in either video could be used with ANY students! Check out the videos below to learn more!


Stay tuned for the final video in our Tips for Working with High Energy Children Series: Keeping students engaged during the hour!

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