Our volunteer tutors are key to our students’ academic success. They are amazing, dedicated and compassionate, and each deserve to be recognized. For this month’s tutor spotlight, Volunteer Coordinator Samantha Breeling will introduce you to Nancy Stark, a tutor at Dayspring Center.

nancyNancy has been a volunteer with School on Wheels since January of 2014.  She has put in countless hours working with our children and also coming to various School on Wheels workshops/events to deepen her understanding of how to work with the kids we serve.  With our students, Nancy is patient, calm and always has a positive demeanor.

I saw Nancy in action the past two weeks at one of our busiest tutoring locations and she handles even the toughest of situations with a smile and always has an encouraging word to help our students get their homework done. The very first night of tutoring, we had 25 students enrolled at Nancy’s tutoring location, which is many more kids than were anticipated.  While one-on-one tutoring is always our goal, Nancy ended up working with four new students – two young siblings and two older.  The younger siblings were upset about leaving their mom and the older siblings were figuring out this new experience.  Before long, Nancy had everyone working together to help the younger students finish their homework and feel safe/comfortable in the tutoring environment.

Our staff member Ana who works directly with Nancy each week had only kind words to share about her:

“Nancy is one of the most dependable, flexible, and dedicated tutors we have. She never misses a week and is always willing to help out where ever needed. She is extremely committed to our mission and regularly pursues opportunities to learn more about serving kids in need.”

Nancy’s dedication to our kids is one of a kind and for that, we are truly thankful that she is involved with our program!

Inspired to get involved? Become a volunteer tutor today! Our biggest needs right now are:

Dayspring Center – 5-6pm on Mondays and Thursdays
Salvation Army Barton Center – 5-6pm on Wednesdays