Our volunteer tutors are key to our students’ academic success. They are amazing, dedicated and compassionate, and each deserve to be recognized. For this month’s tutor spotlight, Volunteer Coordinator Samantha Breeling will introduce you to Grace Trahan-Rodecap and her son, Nicholas, tutors at Fox Hill Elementary.

Grace and Nicholas began tutoring August of 2015.  The idea to start tutoring came from 12 year old Nicholas. The two were initially introduced to School on Wheels through The Orchard School when a group of students participated in a day of service at our office. After learning about our mission, Nicholas decided he wanted to help by becoming a tutor. The two of them have been volunteering weekly together at one of our K-5 elementary partner schools and have formed a positive bond with one student in particular.

Asia Reynolds, our staff member who sees Grace and Nicholas on a weekly basis shared these kind words about the impact they are having on School on Wheels student Cara:

“Grace and Nicholas work with Cara each week – a fifth grader in the high ability program.  Every time she sees them she cannot stop smiling and if they are even a minute late, she begins to ask if they will arrive soon.  They work really well with Cara.  Grace is encouraging and always pushes Cara to do her best because she knows Cara is a bright kid.  Nicholas helps Cara retain concepts that she struggles with as he is a year older.  They both inspire Cara to continue to thrive as she is a very lively and optimistic student.”

We absolutely love when kids have the desire to help kids.  We also love when parents in our community aid in teaching their kids about giving their time to others.

A huge thank you to Grace and Nicholas for being dedicated and wonderful tutors! 

Are you interested in tutoring with someone in your life? School on Wheels tutors can be as young as 11 if accompanied by a guardian 18 or older, and can begin tutoring independently at age 14. We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2016 semester – apply today!