Did you hear we now have a new addition to our fabulous curriculum materials at School on Wheels?  Listen up, because you are going to love this!  It’s a sound addition to the Creativity Kit, right in time for International Creativity Month! We’re so excited to give our students this amazing experience. Director of Programs, Karen Routt gives us the scoop on this new and exciting tool!

Sound and Art KitI cannot tell you how many times I’ve come to tutoring and worked with a child who was struggling to focus – or to sit still for an hour. Our students come with baggage and issues and heartbreaking stories. Tutoring is often an oasis in their day – an opportunity to relax and receive one-on-one attention from a caring tutor. Sometimes, it takes a bit of work to get that stressed student to actually relax and benefit from a tutoring session. Every student is different and has unique learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Our role as tutors is to figure out what works for each of our students and figure out how to help each child find success. I am confident this new sound kit will help those anxious students get to a good place – a positive hour of tutoring – much more quickly!

The next time you are at tutoring, grab the Creativity Kit and look for the brand new small, three-ring binder that is labeled, “Art & Sound.” In it, you will find:

an MP3 player,
two sets of ear buds with a splitter (so you can both listen!),
visual examples of famous works of art,
and two different types of activities.

Art KitThe first set of activities, “Pretend You are in a Gallery,” incorporates some of the artists you may have already seen in our Creativity Kits. Students look at a work of art on a card that corresponds with the audio selection, and then listen to a very engaging description of the art piece recorded by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. As you listen to the descriptions, the narrator gets the listener thoroughly engaged, excited about and interested in the work of art. I can picture our kids listening intently to learn more about each piece.

The second type of activity you will find in the binder, “Be the Artist,” showcases pieces created by artists who listened to music for inspiration. Examples of music associated with each artist’s work are included on the MP3 player. Listen with your student to the music while you look at the piece of art. I think you will quickly discover the connections between visual art and music. Talk about that with your student.

With both activities, students (and tutors!) can then try to create their own pieces by following instructions on the opposite side of the card using materials from the Creativity Kit, including a new material to try out-watercolor pencils! 

Music, through the ages, has been everything from a source of relaxation, to an energy boost; and from a stress reliever to a way to reinforce learning. At School on Wheels we are so excited to bring to our students this new experience. Thanks to Sheila Fortune Foundation for funding this exciting enhancement to our Creativity Kits! All of our programs are developed with foundation, corporate and individual support. Our supporters help us do amazing things!  Happy Listening!

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