Every night at tutoring, our goal is that all of our students are able to benefit from having 1:1 homework assistance – but as we all know, this is not always possible. Many times, we will have a new family of four students join us or a tutor will be unable to attend due to an illness, and our tutors are suddenly working with two (or more) kids!

While this is not an ideal situation, hope is not lost! Working with more than one student is a fantastic opportunity for kids to work together on activities and collaborate on a project or game. With the help of our tutoring resources – our Creativity Kits, Science Kits, Tutor Toolkits and iPads – there are definitely a ton of great activities that will make working with two students a breeze!

In this blog, we’ll focus on iPad apps that make working with two or more students fun and educational. While we often think of iPads as a 1:1 activity, there are plenty of great apps out there that will allow students to engage with each other. Check out five of them below!

ToDo Math App

1. ToDo Math (grades K-2, covers a variety of math topics): ToDo Math is one of my very favorite apps for working with more than one young student. The app covers a wide variety of skills, from basic addition and counting to time and logic problems.

Tip: Let students take turns playing mini-games in the Free Choice section of the app that correspond to each child’s specific grade level and academic needs. If you have one student who is older, they can even help a struggling younger student learn the skills necessary to complete their game.

Questimate App
2. Questimate! (grades 2+, estimation and relational measurement): Estimation and relational measurement are topics that many of our students struggle with. Questimate! is a great game that covers these concepts using real world examples – and is actually designed with multiple players in mind! During each turn, students will create a question from given prompts (example: How many basketball hoops would be as tall as a one-story house?) and then choose the number they think best estimates the answer.

Tip: Choose Pass & Play mode to play with up to five participants.

Bluster App
3. Bluster (grades 2+, vocabulary): Bluster is another great game that is made for multiple players. The app covers a wide variety of vocabulary topics, from rhyming words and prefixes to synonyms and adjectives. It also has three different difficulty levels available, so it can work for students of many ages.

Tip: Choose from two different modes depending on the spirit of the students you’re working with: in team mode, students work together to complete the given puzzle while in versus mode, they compete to see who can get it done first!

Inventioneers App

4. Inventioneers (grades K-5, physics): Sometimes during tutoring, students don’t want to feel like they’re learning – they just want to have fun! Inventioneers is a favorite of students because they definitely get to have fun and play a game, but they’re still learning about physics (just don’t tell them that!). To play, students use physics concepts to complete different puzzles, such as getting the basketball into the hoop or getting the scuba diver into the bathtub.

Tip: Some of the puzzles can be very tricky! This is a great game for collaboration – have two students of similar age work together to solve the puzzles.

American Bowl
5. American Bowl (grades 2+, American History): American Bowl is another student favorite. It combines two great things in life – American History trivia and virtual bowling! Each time students answer a question correctly, they get to roll a bowling ball down the alley and try to get a strike. The app is great for working with students of many ages because it allows you to choose between three difficulty levels, and also to choose specific topics to review with kids.

Tip: Let students take turns answering questions and bowling, or have a student’s turn end once he knocks down all of the bowling pins!

While working with multiple students can be tricky, we hope that these iPad apps give you some inspiration for activities to use next time you’re doubled up!

Do you have a favorite iPad app? Let us know in the comments below!

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