Spring break is almost over, and we’re headed back to tutoring on Monday! While we’ve been missing the kids over spring break, our staff has also been working hard on a variety of projects – including this awesome new video that we’ve had in the works!

To celebrate heading back to tutoring (and to get everyone’s brain back into tutoring mode after a couple of weeks off), we’re excited to share our Tutor Tips video! 

We know math topics are something that ALL of us struggle with at one time or another during the tutoring hour. Kids are taught math differently than we were, and most of us don’t use basic math concepts in our every day lives. We’re here to help with that!

In the first video in our new Fractions series, we provide a brief refresher of what a fraction really is, and cover how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. Check it out below!

Have you missed the other videos in Tutor Tips series? Check them out on our Youtube channel! Is there another topic you’d like us to cover? Leave us a comment below!