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DEFENDERS has been a true corporate partner and supporter of School on Wheels for the past six years. During that time, the organization has donated gift cards and uniforms, supported our programs with tutoring teams and had staff members serve on our Board of Directors. DEFENDERS has also been our presenting sponsor of the Education Celebration for the past three years! As a presenting co-sponsor of the  Education Celebration, DEFENDERS helps fully underwrite the costs of the event so that all ticket proceeds go to directly supporting School on Wheels programs.

Front and center on their website, you’ll find the bold statement, “Businesses don’t grow, people do.” After working with DEFENDERS for so many years, we know this to be true. They embody that statement by being an organization that really focuses on people and community. That focus has allowed us to grow as an organization but more importantly, encouraged our kids to learn and  grow.

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We are grateful that the team at DEFENDERS continues to lend their support to our mission and commend them for the work they do to help so many others. Their people are leading families, kids’ soccer teams, volunteer organizations and church groups. They are building homes for the underserved in third-world countries, working in homeless shelters and doing so much more. They are showcasing leadership and helping to develop leaders for the future.

DEFENDERS’ sustaining legacy is apparent in their support of School on Wheels and the effort they take to make a difference in the lives of children experiencing homelessness.

Thank you for your support, DEFENDERS! 

To see more of the fantastic work DEFENDERS has done to support our students, click here. If your business would like to support the work of School on Wheels, please check out our Sponsorship information.