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We can’t believe it –  the school year is almost over and it’s nearly summertime! The last day of tutoring at all of our partner locations was last Wednesday. And even though tutoring is over for the school year, we always try to make sure the students we serve are occupied over breaks.

art kit

This summer, thanks to a generous grant from the Shelia Fortune Foundation, we are able to provide all the students at our 13 partner locations with portable art kits as an end of the year gift. These zippered self-contained kits contain a set of watercolor pencils, paintbrush, sketch pad, clay, blank stickers, sketch pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser. To give our students some inspiration, we’ve also included three activity cards with detailed instructions on ways to use the kit. These cards correspond to the sound and art binders that were introduced earlier in the semester. Activities include:

Drawing from Instructions

LeWitt Activity

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Much like an architect, Sol LeWitt gave instructions on how to make an art piece, letting the participant do the actual work. For example: draw lines, not straight, not touching using three colors. Kids follow the directions, creating their own piece based on the choices they make. The artist compared his instructions for creating art to that of a composer writing notes for a piece of music.

Draw your Name in Bubble Letters

Adams Activity

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Graffiti art is everywhere and kids love to design their names in funky ways. In this activity, kids learn how to round out the letters of their name and color them in to make cool personalized stickers. Cey Adams is a famous graffiti artist who went on to do album covers, logo and merchandise for hip hop artists.

Making Marks to Music

Kandinsky Activity

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Wassily Kandinsky believed he could ‘see’ music he listened to, a condition called synesthesia. Certain sounds reminded him of certain colors, different beats caused him to make different marks.  For this exercise, kids are encouraged to listen to music without words, such as jazz or classical, and interpret the sounds they hear through colors and marks. Watercolor pencils create a neat effect as you use a brush to add water to the marks to create a colorful, transparent effect.

We hope that our students enjoy these art kits and that they help keep them busy as we head into summer.  A huge thank you again to Shelia Fortune Foundation for making these awesome activities possible. Here’s to an artful summer!

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