While the majority of our volunteers donate their time as tutors, we have a handful of volunteers who dedicate their time and effort in our office or with specific projects. These individuals help us with crucial tasks that keep our organization moving forward, enabling us to serve the over 400 students we tutored this past academic year alone. They also spread the word about our mission and help us recruit other volunteers, donors and supporters in the community. I would like to highlight a few volunteers who have gone above and beyond for our organization in unique ways. 

JennieJennie Gerard: Jennie started volunteering her time in our office in August of 2014. Jennie has helped with a wide range of tasks including everything from assisting with events and serving on our auction committee, to cutting out curriculum materials to preparing mailings and making folders for our students and new volunteer tutors. Jennie is extremely detail-orientated and meticulous with each project we give her. She is one of our go-to volunteers when we have a project that needs to be finished with a detailed eye. Jennie has been and continues to be a huge asset to our office.

Leveled booksJanice Swan: Janice helped our organization with a very specific project – book leveling.  She works for the Indianapolis Public Library Glendale Branch and helped us with a system to organize books based on the grade and reading level. Now the entire main library at our office has the grade level indicated on the spine of each book. This makes it easier for tutors and students to pick a book that fits each particular students’ reading abilities. Janice donated over 40 hours of her time to help us level books and identify the best system to use.

justin cliffordJustin Clifford: Justin first came to our organization with an interest in tutoring. He signed up as a substitute tutor to help when student numbers were really high or tutor numbers were low. Justin soon became involved on a deeper level. He is very active on social media and was constantly spreading the word about our organization via Twitter. He also started a group called Deploy Indy, which works to involve more men in volunteer projects in our community. He put together a volunteer group to help in our office and also recruited a group of guys to help with our RUN(317) 5K event last Thursday. Justin has really taken a creative approach to supporting our organization while engaging others in our mission.

Jennie, Janice and Justin have all taken creative approaches to volunteering, and all three have been critical in supporting our mission. They are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to passionate community members gathering to make a difference in the lives of children experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis.

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