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Each school year, our volunteer tutors and staff work one-on-one with the children we serve during the tutoring hour, but some people may not know that our Program Coordinators also work with the parents of the children in our program. Our goal is to equip parents with the tools necessary to be their child’s best educational advocates, and we’re seeing so many of our parents enthusiastically engaging in our programs to learn more.

It is such a joy when we are able to really dig deep with an entire family, which we are seeing more and more. Last year we engaged with 239 parents! Today we want to highlight one of these families – our student Ben and his mom Molly.*

Last school year was difficult for Ben. His grades started off strong, but quickly declined due to problems in his personal life and challenging new subject matter in school. But his School on Wheels Program Coordinator, Ieva, was quick to intervene and started meeting weekly with Ben’s mom, Molly, to monitor Ben’s progress. She helped Molly set up a parent-teacher conference, coached Molly on how to develop the right questions for Ben’s teacher and even transported Molly to the meeting with Ben’s teacher.

At that parent-teacher meeting, Ben’s teacher spent a ton of time with Molly and Ieva. The teacher was really impressed with School on Wheels’ involvement and was so happy to meet Molly. Ben’s teacher provided helpful materials to work on with Ben, and as a result of both his School on Wheels tutors and his mom focusing on these resources, his grades improved and Ben passed the second grade!

In addition to helping Ben pass all his classes, Ieva helped Molly understand Ben’s options to transfer to a different school that would be a better fit. With the support of the School on Wheels Program Coordinator, Molly made an appointment to speak with the principal of a different Indianapolis Public School and got Ben enrolled for the 2016/2017 school year. This year, Ben will be attending a new school that better meets his needs and he is really looking forward to third grade!

Good luck, Ben and great work, Molly! Navigating the education system can be challenging, but because of Molly’s dedication to her son and the support of School on Wheels, this school year is sure to be a successful one for Ben!

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* all names of School on Wheels students and parents are changed to protect privacy