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The goal of our Chalk the Vote education panel on October 19 was to inspire all of us to do our research about the individuals who are running for office. However, we know that takes a lot of time so we’ve done some of the work from you. Here are some awesome resources to aid in your research on the local races coming up on November 8.

Find out who’s on your ballot 

vote 2To find out which candidates and races you’ll be voting on in your district, check the Indiana Voter Guide. This awesome tool helps you build your ballot by comparing candidates. Even if some of the information given is brief, it gives you link to each candidate’s website to learn more. It also tells you which measures will be on your ballot, so you have the opportunity to research those issues before you vote on November 8.

School Board Races 

School board races are important to watch, as they play a part in how education policy is implemented. Check out Chalkbeat’s four-part series about those running for Indianapolis Public School Board seats: 

District 1: Michael O’Connor and Christine Prince

District 2: Nanci Lacy, Venita Moore and Ramon Batts

District 4: Diane Arnold and Larry Vaughn

At-large(represents the entire district): Sam Odle, Elizabeth Gore and James Grim

If you are unsure of your district, check out IPS’ district map. For even more from these candidates, check out Chalkbeat’s Forum with all 10 IPS School Board Candidates, or the recent article they published that discusses where all 10 board candidate stand on the issues.

Superintendent of Public Instruction 

One of the few races that all Hoosiers will vote on during this election is for superintendent of public instruction. Check out StateImpact Indiana’s series looking at the two candidates in the race, Glenda Ritz and Jennifer McCormick.


All Hoosiers will also be voting for the new governor. Check out Chalkbeat’s write-up about the educational views of the two candidates for office, John Gregg and Eric Holcomb.
We hope this information helps inform your vote on some of the local races that will impact education policy here in Indianapolis. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check your polling place and get ready to vote on November 8. We’ll see you at the polls!

For even more information about resources related to the upcoming elections, check out our Chalk the Vote reflections blog.