During the holidays, people are often more inclined to reflect on the aspects of their lives that they are thankful for. In my work life, I am thankful for a lot of things, and our wonderful volunteers are toward the top of that list. Chris Golightly is a long time tutor that our staff and students are thankful to have as part of our organization.

Chris started volunteering four years ago. He is a consistent positive presence for our kids at Coburn Place, one of our transitional facilities for families exiting domestic violence. Chris has spent over 100 hours working with and encouraging our students.

During the tutoring hour, Chris always introduces himself to each student he works with, asks how their day was and makes a game plan for getting their homework accomplished. He praises the student consistently throughout the evening, giving high fives and awards the student with an extra sticker for hard work. At the end of every hour, he always lets the student know how well they did and how much he enjoyed working with them. Chris is a very positive, upbeat and consistent influence for our kids, a recipe for success every time. Chris will also tutor multiple days in one week if needed. He is a volunteer we can always count on!

Aside from tutoring weekly, Chris is a strong advocate for our students. Last year, he reached out to his neighborhood magazine and asked if he could share his experience with School on Wheels and the students he helps through our program. The article helped build awareness about students experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis, highlighted how being homeless affects their education and outlined the ways our organization supports those students.

Chris often tells us that tutoring is the highlight of his week and we know the students he helps feel the same way!

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