Every year, we have over 400 tutors who commit their time and talents to helping our students. The majority of our volunteers commit to tutoring one hour each week. However, did you know just over 100 of those tutors are part of various tutoring teams?

Our teams come from local companies, organizations, schools, and churches. Each team normally has four individuals share one tutoring spot and rotate on a monthly basis, equating to each person tutoring about once a month. Aside from tutoring, our teams help with some of our fundraising and school supply needs. Teams are a great way to engage large groups of individuals to tutor and support our mission.

One of our wonderful tutoring teams is Ernst & Young. Ernst & Young has been an active tutoring team since the fall of 2014 and has provided nearly 40 tutors over the years. Each year they have two tutoring teams that volunteer at The Julian Center and Dayspring Center. They also participate in our #FallforSOW campaign that has helped raise gift cards, school uniforms, snacks, and belts for our students. This company and its employees have given so much to School on Wheels since they became involved.

EY Snack donation

Ernst & Young’s #FallforSOW snack donation

During the tutoring hour, they are committed to helping our students and are always present. The team captain, Chris Perkins, coordinates their schedules and communicates with the team. She does an outstanding job and is always someone I can count on. In 2015, Ernst & Young was named Tutoring Team of the Year during our annual Education Celebration.

2015 Ed Celebration award winners

Our 2015 Education Celebration Award Winners

“As the Ernst & Young tutoring team coordinator, I have found my experience working with School on Wheels since the fall of 2014 to be excellent. School on Wheels is a fantastic organization and has made volunteering easy, very rewarding and informative about the educational and life challenges children in the shelters face each day. Each time I tutor, I leave the Julian Center hoping the student I tutored got as much out of that hour as I did.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve in the community and look forward to continuing with School on Wheels!” – Chris Perkins, Ernst & Young team captain

We so appreciate the support that Ernst & Young and their employees have given over the years and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come!

Want your company to get involved with School on Wheels? Check out our Sponsorship opportunities as well as our #SharetheLoveIndy campaign, which kicks off tomorrow!