Each February, we ask our volunteers and supporters to engage their networks in School on Wheels’ Share the Love campaign by supporting our programs through advocacy and monetary donations. This year, we had record donations and an outpouring of support from the Indianapolis community – especially from our volunteer tutors!

We asked our volunteers why they find it important to donate and ask their friends/families to #SharetheLoveIndy. Their answers were inspiring. We are extremely grateful to have such wonderful members of our community so invested in our students’ futures.

alex millerParticipating in the Share the Love campaign was a no-brainer for me ​because I have been able to witness firsthand how much of an impact School on Wheels has in the lives of the students. I am very fortunate to be involved in an organization focused on education that provides students with every resource possible to help them achieve their goals. The more involved I have become with School on Wheels, the more compelled I feel to share more than just my time tutoring. This made it easy to reach out to my network of friends and family for their support of this organization. School on Wheels has such a great story to tell of hope and possibility. I look forward to the continued growth and success of School on Wheels.​

Alex Miller has been tutoring at the Barton Center for the past three years.  He is also a member of our young professionals group, SPOKES.

trudy paigeI reached out to my sphere to donate to School on Wheels’ Share the Love campaign because I believe in my heart that it is a wonderful organization that gives hope and opportunity to really wonderful children. I knew reaching out would bring much needed funds to the organization and also increase awareness and hopefully bring in more volunteers! I love every week with these great kids.

Trudy Paige has been tutoring at Barton Center for the past two and a half years.

deby wilsonIt’s an amazing experience to listen to a child, to help and encourage them to believe they can be successful in school! School on Wheels tutors make that possible for many school-aged children affected by homelessness. The Share the Love campaign has allowed me to share the impact that donating and/or volunteering can make in the life of a child.  School on Wheels sees the potential in every child and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!  What a blessing to serve School on Wheels!

Deby Wilson has been tutoring at Dayspring Center for the past five years.

kiersten walter copyI’m very thankful I got involved with School on Wheels last year. Starting with their 2016 summer program and continuing into the current academic year as a tutor, I’ve seen firsthand the positive influence these programs have. While I’ll never fully understand what these children go through on a daily basis, I’m grateful for the opportunity to devote time each week to making these kiddos feel supported, encouraged, and engaged in their studies. Education is everything! After hearing about the #SharetheLoveIndy campaign, I was more than happy to financially contribute, raise money, and increase awareness for this amazing organization. I look forward to continuing to work with these wonderful kids and School on Wheels in the future!

Kiersten Walter has been tutoring at Barton Center since summer 2016.

This February, we have definitely felt the love our volunteers have been sharing! Thanks to all of our supporters who have advocated and raised money for School on Wheels through #SharetheLoveIndy.

Did you miss out in February and still want to get involved? Learn more ways to support School on Wheels here.