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Each new individual who starts volunteering with School on Wheels has some apprehension about being a new tutor. While we know each person will positively impact our students, we also want to reassure our volunteers by answering some of the questions they have about the tutoring session or just working with kids in general.

Our Tutor Tips blog series features questions asked by our new tutors and answered by our more experienced volunteers. 

This month’s question: Often times our students go straight from the classroom or a bus ride to tutoring with no down time, which can makes them restless. How do you handle the transition into the tutoring hour to help your student release energy and then focus on schoolwork? 

run-1435691-640x480I work with a great student who is a bundle of energy and tough to keep in his seat and focused for tutoring. What I’ve found helps is before we start tutoring and after he’s had some time to eat his snacks, he and I go into the hall outside the classroom and he runs laps up and down the hall, which he seems to love. This seems to dissipate a lot of his excess energy so we can then get to work on his homework.

– Doug, former high school social studies teacher, began tutoring November of 2015.

In my opinion, a high-energy student means he or she is excited to be at tutoring. I find talking in a quieter voice helps the student settle down because they have to lean in and focus to hear me.

– Natalie, an Account Manager for Innovative. She began tutoring in September of 2016. 

Thank you to Doug and Natalie for your insightful advice. If you have a question that you’d like answered by our current tutors, please email it to our Volunteer Manager, Samantha or leave us a comment below! A staff member will answer all questions; the questions that are most frequently asked will be featured in the blog bi-monthly.

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