We’ve moved! We are located at 2955 North Meridian Street, Suite 250, Indianapolis, 46208.

We’re so excited that tutoring is back in session at some of our locations. There are so many new tutors and kids to get to know this year, and we can’t wait to watch really great experiences unfold for everyone. Here are some of our favorite interactions our Program Coordinators shared with us from last school year.

Nothing tells the story more clearly of how amazing the relationships between our tutors, Program Coordinators, and kids are than some of these!

Luke gets so excited to see Alexis, a tutor that comes twice a week. He runs downstairs before the hour starts and peeks into the cafeteria to see if she’s there. He can’t totally remember her name though and yells, “It’s Alex…uhh…uhh! It’s you!” – Arielle Hirt

Grant really hit it off with tutor Nate.  They played a word game with the Alphabots.  Nate would grab a few letters and change them into robots, then Grant had to turn them back into letters and say what the word was. – Konah Williams

Trevor continues to show improvement.  He has been working with tutor Abby every Tuesday for quite a few weeks. This week, he asked for her by name, which is the first time that has happened.  Trevor is on the autism spectrum, so it is rare for him to really connect with anyone in this way. – Megan Langlais

I’ve been reading a Box Car Children book to Lincoln – it’s about climbing a mountain. As a reward for each chapter read, he asks to look at pictures of some of the mountains I climbed when living in Denver. I also taught him the plural for cactus, and he keeps trying to apply it to other plurals, which is very entertaining. – Arielle Hirt

Isaac has really grown attached to his tutor Nick.  Every day he comes in and asks, “Is he coming??”  On Thursday, Nick was running a little late so I started to work with Isaac, but when Nick came in Isaac couldn’t get over to him fast enough.  He practically knocked me out of the way.  A little bruise to my ego, but it’s really cute to see them together. – Konah Williams

Thanks to our tutors and Program Coordinators for making experiences so wonderful for all of the kids in our program. The confidence they instill in the kids we serve pays off in a really big way. We can’t wait for more tutoring stories this year!


Have these stories inspired you to become a tutor? Click here to apply! We’re now accepting applications for the Fall 2017 semester!

*all names of School on Wheels students and parents are changed to protect privacy