While other kids might carry an action figure or gaming system around with them, Anthony carries something much more practical; a AAA battery. That may seem like a strange thing to keep around at all times, but at tutoring one evening, that battery saved the day.

Anthony was working on his homework, and his tutor thought he might like to do a circuit and light activity from the science toolkit as a reward for completing his work. He was hard at work building his project when he realized batteries were required, but the kit didn’t contain the batteries necessary.


It required two AA batteries, but they only had one (which he scavenged from a remote control in the tutoring room). Anthony pulled out his AAA battery, which he cleans with lemon juice each night so the charging ends don’t corrode, and knew that he could make it work. Anthony’s tutor had her doubts and tried to encourage him to wait until the next night at tutoring to try to complete his circuit. She promised him they’d track down another AA battery by then, but Anthony was determined to make it work with the resources he had on hand. To make his AAA battery work in place of the AA battery required, he found some copper tape and rigged everything up to complete the circuit and make his science activity a success!

Anthony’s determination certainly got our attention – and the attention of his classmates who were in awe of his solution. We see light bulb moments happen all the time in tutoring, but rarely do we actually see circuit boards light up. We loved seeing Anthony’s passion for science in action and can’t wait to see what’s in store for his future!

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