Students across Indianapolis are enjoying fall break! But just because class isn’t in session doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for all kids to learn and grow! After kiddos catch up on sleep, parents and kids can do something together that will help them become more well-rounded individuals and help them stay engaged even while on fall break. Here are some tips for all parents to engage younger learners in educational activities.


  1. Read fifteen minutes each night with your child. It can be a chapter book, picture book, or even a textbook! Mix it up and make it a fun game by taking turns reading sentences, and each time you switch you have to read in a new voice.
  2. Take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and go for a walk. On your walk, look around at signs, flyers, and billboards to play the alphabet game. To play the alphabet game, start with the letter A and try to find a noun for each letter of the alphabet. The first one to make it to Z wins!
  3. Do something to make someone else’s day a little brighter. You can make cards and deliver them to a hospital for the patients, or go to a neighbors yard and ask if you can pick up leaves for them!

Fall break is a great time for students to relax from homework, but it’s important to show them that learning can be fun outside of school, too!

Not all students get to go home to a cozy environment and relax, however. If you would like to learn more about how you can help us break the cycle of homelessness through education, here’s one way you can help.