School on Wheels tutors typically tutor one hour a week at one of our sites, but Rik is no typical tutor. Since becoming a volunteer just over a year ago in September 2016, Rik has frequently tutored at two different sites, sometimes volunteering three times a week!

Amy Gardner, the Program Coordinator at Cold Spring School where Rik tutors, is so grateful that Rik is such a caring, faithful tutor. She says, “He is always trying to think of new ways to engage his student. He really wants our students to be successful and does all that he can to give our students the tools needed to succeed.” Pierson quote championNot only do the Program Coordinators know they can always count on him, but the students do too. Amy Kellams, Program Coordinator at Fox Hill Elementary School, knows that “The kids at Fox Hill love him!! Everyone wants to work with Rik! He’s fun and engaging. He always seems interested in the student, always makes them feel so special. I hear weekly “Can I work with Rik?” Rik is always willing to help out where ever I need it. He helps clean up and always come with a great spirit. What a great tutor!”

Rik has such a positive attitude about tutoring. Rik told us that, “No matter the kind of day you’ve had, seeing the kids come bouncing in to tutoring puts a smile on your face. I need that. And, I especially like helping a young one figure out a math problem (not my strong suit!) or turn a phrase for writing.”


Rik, we can’t thank you and all of our wonderful volunteers enough for the time that you’ve given to help us break the cycle of homelessness through education. We couldn’t do it without you.

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