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Volunteering as a family is a great way to spend positive time together while making a big impact in the community. Sekar and Vishnu Iyer are just one of our adult/child teams who dedicate one hour of each week to working with our kiddos at Coburn Place.

Sekar and Vishnu began tutoring in August of 2017. “My favorite part about tutoring is the loving smile of these wonderful kids who are so eager to learn,” says Sekar. Sekar is passionate about teaching and places a very high value on education for his entire family. His son, Vishnu, is a math whiz and has grown as a tutor over this past semester.

Sekar and Vishnu

“As a parent, I was pleasantly surprised about how Vishnu has transformed from a passive observer during the 1st two tutoring sessions to an independent tutor. He thoroughly enjoys tutoring and helps kids younger than his age with math homework and reading.”

Tocarra, our Program Coordinator at Coburn Place had this to share about this father/son duo,

Sekar and Vishnu are a dream team! They work well together OR apart. Both of them have a love for math and science, and they want to share it! Most of our students at Coburn are in the 3rd or 4th grade, critical grades to get those multiplication facts down! Lucky for my students, Sekar has a pretty great multiplication song. Both of them are positive, smart, and excited about School on Wheels.”

Along with tutoring our students, Vishnu began assisting School on Wheels staff members with presentations and is interested in doing more advocacy in the community to share his story of giving back and his love for education. From what we can tell, there is nothing that will hold back this family from making our community a better place!