Last week,  School on Wheels was fortunate to have two amazing speakers to present on the topic of Behavior Management. Holli Frazell, the Director of Organizational Leadership & Development at Bierman ABA Autism Centers, and Stacy Pigg, the Culture and Climate Specialist at Cold Spring Elementary (one of our partner schools), gave our tutors and staff some great information and useful tips for working with students who exhibit difficult behaviors.

Holli started with an introduction to what a behavior is, and the function of behaviors (for kids AND adults). She reminded tutors that there is always an intention or reason behind a behavior, whether it’s good or bad. She then explained ABC data (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence), which helps to find the pattern of behaviors by looking at what happens before and after they occur. She then discussed some ways to model good behavior for our students.


Stacy continued the conversation with a reminder that the behavior is coming from somewhere. She made a great point that our tutors are seeing students at the end of a long school day. That is a lot of time for a lot of frustrating things to happen, to ANY child, let alone one who might be struggling. Stacy gave some amazing tips and techniques that she uses to help a student who is exhibiting behaviors that are not suitable in a school environment, including but not limited to:

  • Stand up and go push against a wall with the student
  • Establish cues to use with the student, instead of verbal reminders
  • Don’t call a child out verbally in front of other students
  • Deep breathing strategies
  • Assignment modification (with help from PC or teacher).

Stacy provided several scenarios, and the participants were able to talk amongst themselves to decide which techniques they might use with a student in that particular situation.

A Q&A session finished off the training; and people left happy to have learned some new helpful tools they can stash in their INVISIBLE tutor toolkit. Thanks so much for coming and sharing your time and skills with us, Holli and Stacy!