We have the greatest volunteers, and we’re thankful every single day for their drive, dedication, and time that they share with our students. Our tutors come from all backgrounds and from all over the city of Indianapolis and join forces to make our community a better place. Simply put, we wouldn’t be able to make a difference without each and every tutor. Here’s what our staff has to say about our team of volunteers:

“My volunteers are my teammates! They work so hard, believe in the mission of School on Wheels, and give so much to the kids and to me as well.” – Tocarra

“Our tutors are there for our kids on good days and bad, and it’s truly amazing to know that there are over 400 people in Indianapolis so incredibly dedicated to transforming lives. I’m grateful for our amazing volunteers every single day.” – Claire

“Our volunteers are inspiring, giving, motivating, and have hearts of gold. I am so fortunate to work with an organization that attracts volunteers of such high caliber. I appreciate every single one of you!” – Karen

“Without our volunteers we simply could not do what we do. We are so fortunate to have so many volunteers that our willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that children impacted by homelessness have every chance to experience academic success.” – Kelly

“We couldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated and talented volunteers. When I started School on Wheels we had 4 volunteers. Now we have over 400. Look at the impact this caring community of volunteers has allowed us to make and how many great kids have benefited from their dedication.” – Sally

“Our volunteers are the heart of School on Wheels. We appreciate your selflessness and dedication all year long, but love the opportunity to thank you at our volunteer appreciation event each year. This year brought four high energy bowling teams of staff and volunteers together at Duck Pin Bowling in Fountain Square. The competition was fierce but the royal blue team ultimately prevailed! Thank you, tutors and volunteers, for joining us for a night of fun and celebration. Thank you for all you do for our kids every day!” – Kate
To celebrate their commitment and their efforts, we invited them to a evening of Duckpin Bowling and had the best time laughing (and competing) with each other.