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Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

I just love this quote by Mason Cooley. Our kids are in situations they have little control over, where space is limited and the future is uncertain. Reading is such a great way to put yourself in another world, learn about other possibilities and take a break from the stresses of everyday life.

Every year, Every Child a Reader celebrates reading by promoting Children’s Book Week. Established in 1919, it is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. I thought it would be fun to connect to this through a month long reading competition at School on Wheels. Program Coordinators were given reading logs and bookmarks to distribute to students and then promoted it in different ways at their sites. Amy Gardner, our Program Coordinator at Cold Spring, turned it into a friendly competition between the boys and the girls. (The girls won!) Some Program Coordinators had the kids color in different parts of the 2018 Children’s book poster when goals were met. One Program Coordinator remarked on the reward of seeing kids enjoy reading, comprehending it, AND thinking critically about what they’re reading.


Program Coordinators also shared these reading stories:

“Keelan, with his tutor, Landyn, at Salvation Army, read “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. When I asked Keelan to tell me about the book he literally told me the whole story. At the point that the mouse noticed a stray hair on his head and cut it, Keelan said, “And the interesting thing is, the mouse had just ONE hair to cut, but when he cut that ONE hair he got hair EVERYWHERE!” – Arielle 

“Austin, from Dayspring, LOVES to read and learn about insects. The problem is that he is also terrified/disgusted by them. It is hilarious to watch him and his tutor read his bug book. With every turn on the page he is squealing with delight and disgust at the same time!” – Ana

“De’Vante, 2nd grader at Barton, was so proud that he was the only one that read everyday. He read a total of 80 minutes. He was also the top reader and excited that he won. He asked his PC if the prize could be a new puppy?!” – Ieva

Speaking of winners, the overall site winner was Wheeler, with six kids reading for 690 total minutes, putting the average at 115 minutes per child! This site also had our top reader, coming in at 215 minutes. Kudos to Tiffany, for guiding her students to the win. Her students have requested a taco party (instead of a pizza party) to celebrate!

Top students at all locations will receive personalized T-shirts and a bag containing books, activities and other swag! Thanks to all who promoted reading during the month of April!