When tutoring students of all ages and skill levels, it’s important that we have activities and plans in place to meet the needs of each student we serve. Homework completion is an important focus of tutoring, but what happens if kids don’t have homework? Don’t worry — we’re prepared for that! Our tutor toolkits are critical to helping our kiddos get ahead even when they don’t have homework – and this year they got a makeover!

We made mess of the office this summer as we built and organized new materials for our new math and language arts kits at each of our 14 partner sites. Each site has 110 newly refreshed and packaged activities, organized by skill and age group.

You’ll see a lot of familiar activities, plus a few additions. Even more exciting is that our new kits are so easy to use! Our old kits were great, but were built to be as economical as possible, which means different activities shared resources. But thanks to some new program funding, we were able to upgrade our kits so every activity is individually packaged and can easily be selected and used by the tutor.

This means that instead of potentially losing your child’s focus while you look through the tool kit for all the right pieces, you can grab the activity you need and get right back to work with your kiddo. And at school and transitional tutoring sites, you may not even need search for an activity that’s right for your student because the Education Support Coordinator at each site will have you covered. Activities selected by the Coordinators will be identified by the educational goals we’ve outlined for the specific student! That’s because the tutor toolkits aren’t the only things that are new this year — stay tuned for more details about how our programs are evolving to better serve our kids!

Once you are back at tutoring and are able to check out the new kits, be sure to let us know your thoughts! We’re excited to roll out these changes for the rest of our tutor tool kits and will be launching new science this spring!

These toolkit upgrades were made possible by our dedicated volunteers who spent hours in the office this summer, cutting, laminating, and organizing thousands of education activity pieces so our kiddos can achieve academic success. Additional support was provided by The Klaus Family Fund, a Fund of The Indianapolis Foundation. Are you interested in helping out? Find more ways to volunteer here.