Each year, friends of School on Wheels help us Share the Love to raise funds and boost awareness for the programs that help us transform lives. Our friends aren’t professional fundraisers or marketing experts – they are people sharing why they are passionate about School on Wheels and education’s role in breaking the cycle of homelessness. All the details you need to Share the Love are here, but we’ve broken down each step below so you have the inside scoop on how to have the most impact this month. Our goal for February is $36,000, and we know we can get there with your help!

  1. Challenge your friends and family to support School on Wheels by creating a Facebook fundraiser. Facebook makes it easy to get donations of all sizes and they don’t charge processing fees, so 100% of all donations go straight to our programs.
    • Be purposeful about who you invite to your Facebook fundraiser. People can be turned off by mass invitations.
    • Offer a fun (and free!) incentive for people who donate, such as “I’ll share an embarrassing photo of myself for every $10 donation today!”
    • Be specific about your goal, and make it known. For example: “$200 pays for two months of tutoring for a student. All I need is TEN $20 donations to support two months of tutoring for a child experiencing homelessness.”
  2. Round up your friends and attend our give back events during the month of February. You can shop, socialize, and workout, all in support of School on Wheels.
  3. Donate directly to School on Wheels.
    • You can donate online or send a check to School on Wheels. 2605 E 62nd Street, Ste 2005 Indianapolis, IN 46220
    • You can give an in-kind donation. School uniforms, after school snacks and books are all items on our rotating list of needs.
    • Check with your employer to see if they have a matching gift program. If yes, let them know when you give to School on Wheels, so your donation can be doubled!
  4. Advocate for our programs and engage others by sharing why you support School on Wheels!
    • Do a Facebook Live video sharing how being a School on Wheels supporter has impacted you, and add your Facebook fundraiser link to the caption.
    • Download a School on Wheels Facebook frame and let people see that you support School on Wheels. To do this, go to your profile in the Facebook App, and tap on your profile picture. Select option ‘add frame’ and enter ‘#SharetheLoveIndy 2019’ in the search box. Select our frame, and you’re all set!
    • Host a fundraising event! Do you or someone you know manage a business? Think outside of the box and use your network to leverage the School on Wheels mission. You can find helpful resources to get started here.

Thanks for helping us Share the Love and for getting your friends and family involved. We’re grateful to have you on our team as we transform lives through education!