An Hour of Impact: Our Stories

In today’s busy world, it never seems like there’s enough time in the day.  At School on Wheels, our staff is fortunate enough to experience the impact of our mission by participating as tutors, joining over 400 dedicated community volunteers.  During tutoring, an hour truly makes a difference in the lives of children affected by […]

Ieva Grundy: Coming Full Circle

Program Coordinator Ieva Grundy has spent her career giving back to her community. But as a ten-year-old, she was more interested in playing with toys. One day, young Ieva complained to her mother that her toys were too old and worn out. Her mom asked Ieva to box up her toys; to trade them in […]

16 of our Favorite Children’s Books

At School on Wheels we are very, very passionate about education and child literacy.  So, even though Children’s Book Week in America is over 200 days away, we decided to get a jump on things this year and celebrate the English equivalent, which is celebrated in the UK October 1-7!  Here’s a list of our […]

Tutoring Victor: More than just homework

Here at School on Wheels, our staff and volunteers strive to help our students get the most of the tutoring hour.  Sometimes this simply means giving them the help they need with their homework, but often it is much more. In this video Autumn, one of our program coordinators, works with tutors to help Victor […]

Sneak Peek: 2012 Raffle Prize Car

May is just around the corner and each day seems more beautiful than the last.  Nathan Hand, our VP of Development and Marketing, took advantage of the sunshine and explored the 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid ($47,500 MSRP) that we’re raffling off. If you’re as excited about this car as Nathan is (or even half as […]

Have an Education Conversation (Starting Now!)

[onethird][/onethird] Over the past couple of years, Matt Tully has helped spark serious discussions around education in our city.  In his columns for the Indy Star, as well as his own blog posts, Matt has covered topics ranging from problems and inconsistencies in our local school districts to praise for local officials making the right steps for the […]

Defender Direct Rises to the Occasion

Last fall, 5 employees at Defender Direct learned that there are over 3,000 homeless kids in Indianapolis, and wanted to help out.  Outside their office, they displayed 3,000 cut-out ‘kids’ to bring attention to the issue of childhood homelessness. Then, they directed that energy into action. They created a donation page on First Giving’s website. […]