Introducing: Creativity Kits

Great (artsy) things are happening at School on Wheels! For the last couple of years, tutoring has been focused mostly on academics – we’ve always wanted to make sure students are proficient in math and language arts, since those are the two subjects that kids in grades 3-8 are tested on for ISTEP (Indiana Statewide […]

Science Comes to Tutoring!

The week of September 23rd-27th officially marked our first Science at Tutoring Week!  During that week, three DOW Agroscience Ambassadors volunteered their time and worked with our students and tutors to perform hands-on activities related to DNA and chemistry. The activities:    Phenotype bracelets: Students learned about phenotypes – physical traits – and created a […]

9 Secrets to Help Kids Read Better

For many kids, reading is a daunting prospect. For a young reader, even the simplest books may seem overwhelming if they cannot read the words. As kids get older and are required to read more advanced passages, it’s difficult for them to retain information as they move from one sentence to the next. While this […]

Good and Bad News for the Holiday

I have good and bad news for you.  We’ll start with the good.  We know that our tutoring programs are working because most of our kids (74%) are maintaining or improving their grades despite being homeless.  This is well above the standard for homeless children and youth.  However, the bad news is that, in Indianapolis, […]