We Don’t Stop at Tutoring


Last school year  100% of  families we worked with through the school enrollment process were matched with a school of their choice!  

Homework completion and improved grade level skills are critical to achieving academic success, but being enrolled in the right school, accessing transportation, and developing the social and emotional skills necessary to learn are foundational.

From providing support to preschool-aged children and their parents to delivering educationally-based case management services at transitional and permanent supportive housing sites for families who have exited homelessness, we walk with families like Cara’s every step of the way. 

After Cara’s family lost their home, they moved began living in a local shelter.  Cara’s parents worked with our staff to enroll her in the school that was the right fit for her and to arrange transportation. Our tutors are at the shelter to meet Cara after school to help with her homework. 

Now we’re building educational plans and goals for Cara with the input of her parents and teachers. We’re focused on developing a strong educational foundation at any age. Each year we serve hundreds of children just like Cara. Will you deepen that impact for children like Cara with a gift today?