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Together with our volunteers and supporters, we're raising $45,000 this February. If each of our volunteers asked just 10 friends to donate $10, we'd reach our goal to provide a full month of tutoring and education-based case management to 450 students and their families. Here are three resources to make fundraising fun and easy once we kick off our month of fundraising and awareness on January 30th!

With our new fundraising partner OneCause, everyone can easily set their personal fundraising goal and invite friends to give. In just a few minutes you'll be able to create a page that tracks your goal and how it's helping support School on Wheels' overall goal. You can even see how your fellow fundraisers are doing and see our collective progress in real time.

2. Use Facebook to Fundraise

If OneCause isn't the platform for you, Facebook has a built-in fundraising platform for individuals active on Facebook. If your friends are comfortable giving through Facebook and you have a huge network of friends and family you share information with each day, this might be a platform that works for you. You can start your Facebook fundraiser here.

3. Use Instagram Stories to Fundraise

Instagram has introduced a donation sticker in stories! This means if your largest audience is on Instagram and lots of your friends interact on this platform, using Instagram stories to fundraise, especially in smaller increments, might work for you. Lots of $5 and $10 donations add up to have huge impact.