Give the Gift of Education

As we celebrate the holiday season, we hope you will join us in giving the gift of education to students experiencing homelessness in Indianapolis, like Jesse. Our Founder & CEO, Sally, met Jesse and his mother, Nicole, during tutoring 15 years ago. The impact of this family continues to ripple through everything School on Wheels does today. Here’s Sally’s story.

Fifteen years ago I met a family that changed the way I understood the impact of our programs.  

Jesse, a 3rd grader, arrived at tutoring in the fall of 2001. Night after night, I worked with him, and saw his homework and test scores improve. One night Jesse’s mom, Nicole, shared with me that while she was pleased his grades were improving, it was difficult for her to see someone helping Jesse in a way she couldn’t.  

That struck me deeply. Nicole needed to know how valuable every interaction she had with Jesse was. I let her know I would stand by her and help her find the answers she needed to navigate the school system and meet Jesse’s educational needs.

Nicole then began to work with me to make sure we knew what classes Jesse struggled with most so we could focus on those subjects intently during tutoring. We were working together to help Jesse succeed.

Weeks later, Nicole approached me and said, “Thank you for the best gift I’ve ever received. You’ve helped me learn to support Jesse’s education, even if I don’t always know how to help him with his homework. What we needed was hope and you gave us that.”  

I am grateful that, with the help of hundreds of supporters, we are able to walk alongside the families we serve and form partnerships with parents that help children succeed academically. Please consider a gift to School on Wheels today so we can continue changing lives of children and families impacted by homelessness. With your help, I know it’s possible to break the cycle of homelessness through education and provide the gift of hope to all of the families we serve in honor of Jesse and Nicole.