Give the Gift of Education this Holiday Season

Research demonstrates that early academic intervention is key to a child’s future success. In fact, half of children from low-income communities start first grade up to two years behind their peers and only 36 percent of American children are scoring at or above average in mathematics, reading and science in third grade. These are unacceptable statistics, but with your help we can ensure that School on Wheels students have the academic support they need to succeed.

Students like Isaiah are flourishing with the support of School on Wheels programs, and you can help more children just like Isaiah by donating today.

Isaiah was a student in Ms. Beaman’s classroom last school year. Over the course of a single year, Isaiah and his family spent time in multiple shelters and other transient spaces. Each time Isaiah and his family moved back into a shelter, Ms. Beaman was reassured because she knew Isaiah was getting the support he needed from School on Wheels -- and so was she!

Isaiah’s School on Wheels Program Coordinators communicated regularly with Ms. Beaman to find out if Isaiah needed to focus on certain skills or complete certain homework assignments. Sometimes Isaiah would forget his homework at school, but Ms. Beaman would email it to Isaiah’s School on Wheels Program Coordinator and it would come back completed. Isaiah ended up finishing kindergarten at grade level and was promoted to first grade! He is now an avid reader and has lots of dreams for his future.

“Kids have to be at grade level before they can succeed. I don’t think we could have gotten Isaiah to grade level without School on Wheels. I really don’t.”
Kelly Beaman, Kindergarten Teacher at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School

Every year we serve hundreds of children just like Isaiah. They want to be police officers, scientists, teachers, and world changers. And they can be. They have the same drive and ability as their peers, but they lack one critical factor – a stable home. When you take home out of the equation, undue stress is added to a student’s life and there are more obstacles they must overcome.


School on Wheels student Katie, grade 5


School on Wheels student Aleah, grade 3

Helping children impacted by homelessness overcome obstacles and reach their dreams starts with ensuring that they reach grade level. Help more students like Isaiah by giving the gift of education today!

Donate today to make a difference.