Double Your Gift Today

The Glick Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation, is matching renewed and increased gifts to School on Wheels, up to $30,000. When you give today, your gift can be doubled. Your gift is an investment in the futures of Tara and her classmates. They may just change the world.

At age four, Tara knew she wanted to be president. Now in third grade, she has her platform outlined. If elected, Tara will make sure every family has a home and ensure there is a grocery store in every neighborhood.

When we first met Tara and her mom, Anna, they were living in an emergency shelter. Today they are stably housed.

Over the past four years we’ve worked with Tara on her homework and helped her explore her passion for learning while working with Tara’s mom to navigate the complex laws and resources in place for students like Tara who have been impacted by homelessness. The more we worked with Anna, the more she became empowered to take an active role in Tara’s education. Tara is thriving in school and Anna is a key reason that Tara and her homeless classmates are thriving as well.

Today Anna is employed full-time at Tara’s school helping other children and families who are living in shelters or those doubled up with other families, living in motels, or even cars. She identifies children who are homeless, connects them to the right resources in the school and in the community, runs the school food pantry, and refers new students to School on Wheels services!

“I have one child who attends school here, but really I have 356 babies who go to this school. We have the largest homeless population in the city and some of our kids have rough backgrounds. I wish School on Wheels could have a tutor for every one of our kids. Just the idea of people reaching out to these kids – I mean, they’re our future. We calculated that I’ll be in my late 70s when Tara is eligible to run for president. You never know. There are some really special kids in this building. Who knows what they’ll turn out to be?”
          Anna, mother of School on Wheels student Tara

Thank you for helping us change lives through education!